Rules And Regulations

These rules and regulations (see below) are set by Jurates B&B located in Tulpiu 9, Karmelava, Kaunas region, Lithuania.

1. Jūratės B&B services
These regulations include accomodation, meals (breakfast) and other services provided by Jurates B&B.

2. Booking and reservation confirmation
2.1 You may book by e-mail, phone, fax or at Jūratės B&B.
2.2 In the written request the following information has to be included: the number of guests, their names and surnames, the required room, arrival and departure times and payment method.
2.3 The bookings are confirmed by e-mail, fax or at Jūratės B&B on arrival.
2.4 Verbal confirmation is valid only when it is confirmed in a written form.
2.5 The contract for the Jūratės B&B services is valid only when the booking request is confirmed and the written confirmation is received.
2.6 If the „Services providing agreement" is signed between an organisation or a person,that agreement is a document and the rules and regulations in this agreement must be obeyed.

3. Price and payment
3.1 Jūratės B&B services prices and conditions are on the website, in advertising leaflets and in "Services providing agreement" if it is signed.
3.2 Payment methods: cash, payment in advance, bank transfer, credit cards.
3.3 If there is no other agreement, you pay on your arrival. You may pay on your departure, but in this case you have to pay a deposit on your arrival.
3.4 Payment can be done in €.
3.5 In order to avoid misunderstanding, the deposit is requered. The deposit conditions depend on the individual agreement or are stated in a seperate "Services providing agreement". If there is no individual agreement, the following deposite rules should be taken into consideration:
- 30% of the sum, if the booking is for 3 days;
- 1 day deposit is required if the booking is less then 3 days;
If it hasn‘t been agreed otherwise, the deposit should be paid in 14 days. If the booking period is shorter than 28 days, the deposit rules are the same. The deposit should be paid by cash, or transferring the money into the bank account of the owner Kestutis Gircys.
Bank account details:

Receiver: Kęstutis Girčys
Bank account: LT577044060003002677
Bank: AB SEB Vilniaus bankas
Please, put the name, surname and the period of stay.

3.6 If more guests than booked beforehand decide to stay in the same room, the additional payment is as agreed with the owner.

4. Reservation cancelling rules
4.1 If the cancelling is announced 28 days before, 20 Eur +bank transfer is paid.(If the deposit was paid,the left sum is returned.) If the cancelling is announced less than 28 days before, the cancelling payment is forseen in 3.5.
4.2 If the deposit is not paid in 14 days and no other explanation received, the reservation is cancelled.
4.3 Leaving earlier then it was stated in booking, the compensation is required. The compensation of 50%-80% of the sum is required. The compensation sum depends on the season, the length of stay and leaving reasons.
4.4 Reservation cancelling is done in a written form.

5. Arrival and departure times.
5.1 The arrival is at 2 p.m. and the departure is at 12 p.m.
5.2 Arrival and departure days are as 1 day of stay.
5.3 Jūratės B&B guests must leave their rooms beforev 12 p.m. If agreed, the luggage can be left and taken just before departure.
5.4 If a guest doesn‘t leave the room without any special agreement before 6 p.m., he has to pay 50% of the rent, after 6 p.m. the full payment for the day is required. The payment can be less, if the loss for the Jūratės B&B is not big.
5.5 If a seperate "Services providing agreement" is made, the arrival and departure conditions are agreed differently.
5.6 On leaving the B&B the guests must leave the room tidy.

6. Other conditions
6.1 Jūratės B&B do not take any responsibilty for the guests‘ belongings, if something happens due to the guests‘ fault, force majeure or the characteristics of the belongings.
6.2 Lost and found things will be kept for 3 months. They can be sent by post on the guest‘s requirement. The postage payment should be made by guest himself.
6.3 The guests have to take responsibilty upon using things which belong to Jūratės B&B and inform the owner if any damage is noticed or anything breaks down. For the damage made by guests, the refund is required.
6.4 Smoking is forbidden inside but outside or in the balcony you can smoke. Candles and other flame causing items are forbidden. From 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. silence is required and if guests do not follow the requirement, they can be punished according to the rules.
6.5 Guests, coming with children, have to be responsible for their safety themselves.
6.6 Pets are not allowed.
6.7 Guests who want to have a barbercue or fireworks in the yard must get the permission from the B&B administration.
6.8 If the conditions of the agreement can‘t be fulfilled and do not depend on the people themselves,(e.g. force majeure ), the reasons have to be stated in a written form. In this case the responsibility for cancelling the agreement is not required.
6.9 Any disagreements have to be discused in negotiations between guests and Jūratės B&B. If the result can‘t be achieved, the disagreements are solved according to the law of Lithuanian Republic.

7. Legitimacy
7.1 Any information on the website is used only for informational purposes. Jūratės B&B do not guarantee the full information and has no connection with any agreement or law liability which can appear on the website because of some misunderstandings of information. Jūratės B&B do not undertake any responsibility for checking and improving the information, unless it is forseen by Lithuanian Republic law and reglamentations.
7.2 Jūratės B&B website can show links to other organisations but is not responsible for their content and the security of the privacy.
7.3 General rules and regulations are for guests to make their stay easier and in case of misunderstandings to have clear and understandable solutions. We are open for direct and eye to eye communication with our guests.

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